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If you yourself are drawing something. Or someone else is drawing something, what does that mean in a dream. I saw someone drawing something in church (maybe it was me). However in the beginning, of the dream I was in chuch and one of my favorite preachers/ prophets was up singing and the praise team was behind him. I saw this lady who doesn't go to my church anymore singing on the praise team. Then, Prophet Hall began started preaching, and I started egging him on saying things like "Do your work Reverend, Yes Sir", but the crazy part about it was a minister from my church (pastor's son) would say the same exact thing after I would say it. Then, in the middle of him preaching, he began to prophecy to the former member of my church. He said, "Your Husband wants to be famous, he hasn't told you but he wants to, and because of the connections I have I can get him there. He is in a singing group." From there I don't remember what he said and all of a sudden, I saw a drawing. It started with the person coloring within the drawing were orange and black. It was being colored with a crayon, and I remember hearing the person say let me start over, but every page the person went to it was like the crayon had bled through each page like a marker. So on each page the person tried to turn to it was bits and peices of the colors and the drawings on each page until the person got to a blank one.

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