Colour Groupings and their significance

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Colour Groupings and their significance

Post by karen on Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:32 pm

Lately, my attention has been drawn to the types of colours that I have dreamt in. (like they are themes - or maybe my thinking is coloured? I dunno?)

There are colours that I have NEVER dreamt for instance, I have never seen PURPLE in a dream in my life! I have seen it in an awake vision, but not a dream.

I have so far, experienced black and white dreams, and vivid white light dreams. In these, perhaps only one colour may stand out for emphasis when I interpret? For within a black and white warfare dream.

I have had 'night-time' or grey coloured dreams, with muddy browns. Some Sepia, like old photographs, or washed out looking.

I also have dreams where something is lit in the foreground or background for emphasis, or even 'spot-lighted' where God draws my attention to it.

Other times, I tend to see a Lapiz Lazuli blue, or varying blue colours, pinks, lots of deep greens and red.

Red is the most common theme in my dreams, and blood, along with the deep blue, and gold.

Recently I have seen yellow, and orange. The latest colour, which I have NOT seen before in my dreams, is Turquoise. I get very excited in my dreams when I see it. (the Turquoise)

That's because, the first time I saw it, my Love gave it to me. [Jesus Himself]

In the most recent dream appearance, there were lots of pale golden metallic fishes in a tank. As I looked at them, one little one, flashed Turquoise light at me, like a wink!

Immediately, I remembered my First Love, and the other/previous dream, and thought of Jesus, again.

Anyone out there have patterns/types of colours they commonly dream in?

Are the colours linked to Anointings/giftings, I wonder? Also, the colours vary in intensity, light, life, and texture and quality. I find this aspect, very hard to describe, because there is nothing on earth to compare it with!

For instance, some colours carry their own 'life' within them, like... [zoe]. Some exude spangles of golden light from within their colours, they shimmer with life. In dreams 'they communicate' to/with me

Anyone got any thoughts on this colour communication thing...?

Notes - these colours below apply to some of my dreams, they are not absolutes (just what I have noticed they ended up representing for me)

I have begun to associate pink with the flesh - but also there is a good side to it.
Red with power, the blood of Jesus, covenant, and also communion - negatively with anger and warfare
Yellow I associate with the mind.

Some colours are blended, like for instance pink comes from white AND red, so I look at all aspects of the colours when trying to understand.

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Re: Colour Groupings and their significance

Post by Grey Butterfly on Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:54 pm

I see vibrant green in a lot of my dreams, (succulents in the shape of kingfishers, a green sheep, green field,) It seems to me to represent life and health and growing... for me, the green seems to be attached to spiritual health.

I dream in colour, but the green stands out - it is vibrant where the rest is dull and ordinary.

I recently had a dream that was very brown... chocolate brown. I actually read your post to look for help with this colour :o) I'm sure it means something.

God bless, Di.
Grey Butterfly
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Re: Colour Groupings and their significance

Post by kellsy2004 on Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:17 am

In my dream experience with colors,I usually notice colors when I am wearing a dress and wearing dresses with specific colors is a pattern in my dreams,and I am still trying to understand what it means,but the colors of the dresses are very symbolic,Colors like purple,white,blue,and bright greens. thumbs
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Re: Colour Groupings and their significance

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