murdering, glass windows and fierce storms

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murdering, glass windows and fierce storms

Post by hind'sfeet on Sun Aug 15, 2010 9:51 am

I was dreaming some weird dream about being with a few women and we
murdered some other women and it was them that wanted to, I didn't. We
were in the huge building and never actually left. Police found us and
started grilling us on the spot.
I was going over in my head whether they would find me at fault too.
Then somehow we weren't taken in? We are still in that huge building and
we were always in this hallway inside but it was on the outside of the
building surrounded by windows that were sort of broken.
then we were in a part of the building that was like a swimming area
with LOTS of glass windows Everywhere. We were in this HUGE empty room
at the top and this huge storm was coming with tornado force winds. One
of the girls had packed blankets and it was weird. She said she had
carried everyone's blankets. That part was just weird. (I woke up to
thunder... It rains heavily here often... and it had stormed while we
were sleeping irl) So, in that room there on the top right of us on the
outside wall was a row of windows up high lining the entire length of
the wall. Lots of them were old and broken and the storm came in but not
in it's full force and the wind started breaking the windows even more.
There was thunder, lightening, and wind. I heard someone say that a BIG
storm was coming and we got up quickly and left for some better hiding
We came to the kiddy pool/play place and that's the place that was full
of glass, inside and also the windows on the outside. I suggested we
hide behind this big pane of glass by a pool and said that it was
tempered glass, they said no. So, nearby there was a sand play place
that was under some kind of platform with biggesh holes to let light in
and to see out. It was for toddlers. They said no to that too and across
from it was some dark place that was secluded and more inner room kind
of thing and we decided on that even though I saw it open faced.
Then irl my mom-in-law woke me up calling me. I hadn't heard my alarm go
off 2 hours before. Then I get up and find that I had missed talking to
my husband on skype!!
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