Fashion magazine interview

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Fashion magazine interview

Post by GateBeautiful on Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:25 pm

I am new to this site and would really appreciate any Holy Spirit insight into my dream.

I am in Florida which in the dream I knew was the sunshine state. I saw an old boyfriend that I dated years ago. It was a positive thing not negative but donít remember to many details otherwise.

I am now going to an interview for a fashion magazine. I interviewed with 3 people & then they wanted me to meet the boss. She is a gay lady. Her office had tons of natural light coming in. It was really bright. We sit down in her office & she asks if she can have a kiss, like a greeting. I tell her no.

I start to tell her of my past work experience & she does not really say much. It seemed like she did not care what my past work experience was. Apparently she had been testing me when she asked for a kiss and I passed the test because I said no.

This company was now sending me to NYC for an interview with corporate headquarters. I went home to pack & get ready for the flight & I thought I have a lot to do before going. I was leaving that evening on the flight. I was excited to be going. I knew in the dream I was going to NYC for business but also for personal reasons. My old boyfriend lived in NYC & I was going to be seeing him and I was excited.

I am now in NYC and I go to my old boyfriendís house. We went to see his therapist. He had told me previously that his therapist did most of the talking which I thought odd.

As we are in the therapistís office it seems he was speaking in a different language than I could understand, but only with certain things. I understood some things but other things he said seemed to be in another language I did not recognize. I got frustrated & said obviously they did not want me there so I left.

I took off my leopard print high heels and put on my tennis shoes to walk home. I felt confident because I knew my old boyfriend would come for me.

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