Short Dream - Beauty Shop, Spiritual Leaders

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Short Dream - Beauty Shop, Spiritual Leaders

Post by notmyname on Wed Oct 15, 2008 2:40 pm

August 2008

Short Dream - Beauty Shop, Spiritual Leaders

I was sitting in a beauty shop, in a hair stylist chair. I was the first chair near the entrance door. The front door was made of glass. When I turned sideways, I on noticed on the exact opposite side (first chair near the entrance door) of me was my new pastors (his wife -sitting in a hair stylist chair and her husband - standing near her and they were talking). In the natural, I could careless who is where, whenever I see them, because titles, names, famous star/or no star - a person is still just that A PERSON! However, in this dream, I kept thinking inwardly how I wish that my husband hurry up get back here, before I say something to them or them to me. We were not too far from each other either (about 3 - 4 steps). I knew I would eventually have to speak, say something to them or them to me, but I wanted my husband to be there first so much that I got up and opened the front door looking out for him. That's how it ended - with me wishing that he would hurry back. In the dream and definetely in the natural, we are always together. We are not clingy or anything, but he has always been the type of person to always be with me whenever we had the time, and that I was thinking in my mind, "Any other time, he is always here, and look now - he is not with me". The dream faded with me looking out of the entrance door.

Note: I just joined the church that the pastors (mentioned above) are leaders in about 4 months ago.

The End!

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Re: Short Dream - Beauty Shop, Spiritual Leaders

Post by ispeaktheword on Thu Oct 16, 2008 7:44 pm

Hi Notmyname,

IRL do you feel uncomfortable around the pastors? Or a little uncomfortable in the church? Seeing that you are new to the church maybe you are trying to adjust and find your place in this church. Just some thoughts... flower

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