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Post by TrueTriumphant on Thu Aug 12, 2010 8:30 pm

Hey dream I woke up from this morning. I don't watch scary movies or anything by the way so it seems kinda wierd that I would dream about vampires. Hope you can help!!!

August 12, 2010

Dream 1

This morning I dreamed about vampires. I saw a girl and a guy fighting vampires. The vampires had destroyed more than 13 people already. After the girl and the guy killed off the vampires they had to face this last vampire who was female. The vampire had a protective layer on top of her skin causing her to seem undefeatable. The girl was swinging the vampire into walls and other objects in a room and the vampire was unaffected. The girl then tried to bite the skin of the vampire, the skin seemed impenetrable. Lastly, I saw the girl use a safety pin or something similar to a safety pin to poke a hole in the head of the vampire. Once this was done, the protective layer became defective and the girl and guy was able to defeat the vampire. When the vampire was down, the guy ripped the vampire apart by the legs with his hands and was ripped apart in the process. He died and then the police came.


Most of the fighting took place in the bedroom of the girl

Events that occurred after the police came made it seem as though the fight was not over for the girl

I felt somewhat connected to the girl and didnít know if I was an observer or not

Dream 2

I saw a girl and a house full of people. After a while, the girl realized that there was a vampire among the people. When she realized this, she took everyone in the house outside group by group and asked who was demons. The vampires were honest and they openly admitted to being a demon. When she identified the demons (vampires) she gave them an ultimatum: leave the house or stay without harming anyone or taking blood from anyone. They all agreed not to harm anyone. (Some of the people who were not demons (vampires) confessed to be demons because of the desire to be among them but the girl was able identify who were demons and who werenít.) The demons (vampires) seemed to stay in the same room and the non-vampires stayed in another room. Halloween was coming up and the vampires wanted to have a party just for vampires. The girl agreed and someone scheduled a date and speakers (4 outside vampires) to come and speak at the party. The vampires were introduced and taken to the vampire room while the non-vampires had a party of their own.


The vampires had small servings of blood at the Halloween Party(I donít believe It was human)

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Re: vampires

Post by daphanie02 on Sun Aug 15, 2010 9:11 pm

For me, vampires usually represent people who arent saved or cause a lot of drama that drains a lot out of you. i had a dream my mom was a vampire one time and later when it manifested, i could tell why...the dramatic event kinda drained the life outta me

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