Bottomless Pitt

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Bottomless Pitt

Post by Jehovahzapple on Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:35 pm

I dreamed that I was on a bus going up a hill. As we were going up the hill, I noticed what appeared to be a spirit woman on the left side of the bus floating down the hill. I remember getting off of the bus trying to get possibly my husband back on the bus. I remember us hugging and then me getting back on the bus and waiting for him but I had peace while waiting. While sitting there I remember seeing the spirit woman coming down the hill again. The next thing I remember is flying through this cavern. I remember being able to look down without any distractions so I really donít know what was carrying us. I remember seeing one bottomless pitt after another. The next thing I remember is trying to go through a window to get into this building to help these people. I would step on a trash can to help me get through the window and every time I would, the trash can would turn over and something in it would be grabbing me trying to pull me back. I would turn the trash can over again and attempt again to get into the window and the same thing would happen but each time I would turn the trash can over and try again. Then I woke up.

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