Beautiful Saddle!

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Beautiful Saddle!

Post by Jehovahzapple on Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:32 pm

I dreamed that I went into this store. It was kind of like a Coop. I bought a saddle. I left the store. I then came back to the store with my saddle. I looked around the store and as I was leaving the store, I noticed that the store keeper was lying on a table and he was sick. I looked down at my saddle before I walked out the door and remember thinking that it was a beautiful saddle but I noticed that it was not a comfortable saddle. I left the store. Later, Boogie and I returned to the store. This time, the store had several small shops inside of it. We looked around and did some shopping. Some where we got separated. I remember a man coming up to me. He was very nice looking but I noticed that he had an earring on his face. It looked kinda long and dangly but I couldnít remember what part of his face that it was on. He asked me where I went to church. I told him. He asked me to give him the address because he would like to come visit sometime. I told him that I had recently started there and didnít know the address but I would find Boogie and ask her. As we looked for Boogie, we found her sitting on a bench waiting for me, as she was finished shopping. I remember thinking ďIím not sure that I want to give this man the address. That was the end.

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