Ex-Husband can't handle it anymore!

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Ex-Husband can't handle it anymore!

Post by Jehovahzapple on Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:29 pm

I dreamed that I was sitting in the car with the kids. Michael (ex-husband) came home and went up the hill to get the mail. As he was pulling mail out of the mailbox I noticed that it was a lot of mail. His hand were full and it was like he couldn’t carry it all. I cranked the car and began to pull up the hill. As I did, something started squeaking. He became angry because something on the car was torn up. He went into the house to do something. I sat in the car and waited on him. We were in the process of purchasing a home. Someone called on the phone for me and I had to go in the house to answer it. As I entered the house to answer the phone, I noticed that Michael was setting in the chair with our son, visiting with family. I became angry because I had been sitting in the care waiting on him the whole time. As I answered the phone, the woman on the line was wanting the information on the lady that we were buying the house from. I told her that i didn’t have all the information but that she could call the lady and get it. Michael and I got in the car with the kids and began to drive. He began to drive the car very fast and he was crying like he couldn’t handle it all anymore. A cop got in behind us and turned his lights on but Michael wouldn’t stop. He just floored it. I jumped over the seat and grabbed the steering wheel and stopped the car. Several people as well as the cop came to the door and got our children and talked with Michael. They instructed him that he needed to get help. He voiced understanding.

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