saw myself as a small child

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saw myself as a small child

Post by awesomegod16 on Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:44 am

(Let me just say that I wasn't sleep or awake when I had this dream. I seemed to be like both but I don't know)

I was in a psychologist's office sitting there for my
appointment. We were either praying or
talking. All of a sudden (perhaps in
response to our prayers), I saw myself as a small child standing in front of
this chair and this person was sitting there.
The woman though had a devilish face, she looked like the devil or was
the devil. I only saw this for a second
and then I fainted from shock. I knew
something was wrong with her face. It
terrified me so in the dream I fainted.
When I came to I didn't know where I was. I think I was in my bedroom here but I
couldn't talk. The only think that came
out of my mouth was a lot of gibberish.
They said I was still in shock because I couldn't talk and my mind was
still in so much fear. The psychologist
was there in the room with my friends.
All of a sudden I changed and became a little girl or I was talking like
one. The 49 year old was gone. I began to tell them what happened to me when
I was small. Now grant you, I am still
dreaming so this wasn't real, it was a dream.
I began to tell them how the devil was in people, and as a child I could
see him. It was like looking at an x-ray
of people's hearts. I had some kind of
gift that allowed me to see whoever contacted him to bring him forth. And in this dream whoever that woman was
brought him forth or up or something.
And I, as a child was standing there in front of it or who ever it
was. It kept trying to make me look at
it in the eyes but I didn't want to. I
knew when you looked at it in the eyes, it pulled your soul and wanted power
over you. (I have a problem in real time
looking people in the eyes). I said to
it that when I got older I was going to fight against him and his people
because I could see right inside their hearts if they belonged to him or
not. But I had to hide and go away like
disappear. I hid. The way I hid was to hide inside myself for a
long time. I've been hiding and so now I
cannot see what I saw as a child anymore.
I can't see who is his or not. I
lost my vision.

Now I just want to say that in this dream or whatever it was, I was as I am now, and adult, not fully conscious in the dream, it was like me, as a child, was speaking but I was relaying the dream.

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