Friend's Birthday Part 5

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Friend's Birthday Part 5

Post by sC0rCh3d on Wed Oct 15, 2008 11:00 am

at this point, i want to do something that will maybe make things CLEARER.

my friend's name is...i'll just call him D

the kid who was now in my room with me...i'll just call him C

here's another interesting bit about this dream:

although the SCENE HAD CHANGED, and i was now IN MY ROOM with C, the birthday party for D was still going on.

now, onto the rest of the dream.

me and C were in my room, and we were rummaging through old toys of mine for some reason.

i remember, he found a ring of mine, SUPPOSEDLY a toy ring but when i saw it, i told him,
"That's my wedding ring."

he mentioned though, how it didn't seem like a redding ring.

he did not treat it as such, although, i still did despite what he said, ALTHOUGH, what he said DID make me think though.

i remember the ring had REAL and TOY/FAKE qualities to it, i saw REAL diamonds, though, the rest seemed to be made out of plastic.

though, i dont' know why 'I' as a guy...would have a ring with DIAMONDS on it.

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Re: Friend's Birthday Part 5

Post by butterfly on Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:34 am

Rummaging through toys indicate regressing to the past and possibly trying to sort things out or make sense of things. It seems as if the wedding ring has a lot of sentimental value to you and I believe it is related to your ex. Perhaps you wanted her to be the one. The ring is precious and very valuable to you but instead your friend treats it with disdain. It is like you feel that your past relationship with your ex is being mocked, not treated respectfully as you want. Perhaps your friend C represent persons in your life who just doesn't understand the way you feel regarding your ex. You want to keep your ex close to your heart but you are constantly reminded of the truth and reality that you and your ex are not together anymore and the wedding ring is just not real but almost like a fantasy that you treasure, something you really wish could be but is not real.
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