help!! Daddy passed away in my dream!!

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help!! Daddy passed away in my dream!!

Post by cognizant on Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:30 pm


Thanks to all who are going to take the time to read n send me an interpretation :)...

Today morning, I had this dream....where in, it looked like I was still in college, n was doing shopping for grocery..n as I was picking vegetables n fruits....I kinda feel or someone told me right there..that my dad passed away. N I seemed really cold to that, n I remember that I continue to shop, instead of leaving it right there. But all along as I picked the stuff I was musing to myself, how difficult it wold be to have my dad there to see me graduate, work, and then enter in to a marriage..nn suddenly my heart was feeling so heavy n i wanted to scream.....te dream ends rite there

Just that u kno, I graduate from college like 8 years ago, started working 7 years ago, n got married 6 years in reality i've passed these stages but, on the spiritual side....we've started a new ministry in like 2-3 months has been a new experience for me...i've always worked full time n supported my husband in his we go to places, sit n pray for ppl..n sometimes i get visions which usually would be related to the person or ppl whom we pray for ..tis is all new..i've never been a part of the ministry this just wondering...if the dream of graduating,n the rest is related to ministry..

My dad n mom lives in their home town.. dad z in his 60s n is takin care of his estate.. healthwise he is okay. He used to say that his dream is to see all of us(kids) being used by god..anyway..tats abt dad

It has been nearly a year since we came to this part of the world..n ever since I've not been able to find a job....some times it brings me tears to think about te rough times n a small job would do a lot of justice...but again wondering if my dream means to go thru all of this career life again in this new country...

When my folks came to visit dad was really concerned that I did not have a job..hmm

or is tis a simple warning to pray more for Dad??

Wish someone could help me !!!!!

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