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Post by teechris on Tue Aug 10, 2010 7:25 am

Thanks for reading.

I was in this fairly large room with a lot of people. On one side of the room was my son's father and his so called wife(he says he's married, but his mother says he's not) She tried to jump on his back playfully and did not make it on his back- so she just stood and continued conversation with someone that was near her. While she was doing that, he walked over to the side of the room that I was on. He then came up to me indistinctly, and grabbed (cuffed) my hand. I immedieatly felt like electricity and oddly a love(peace) go through my body. He then walked away- his wife did not see it. She continued in her converstion. I woke up from that dream feeling the same way. scratching chin

So I decided to try to get in contact with him the next morning.(Wanted to try the dream out) He immediately called back and we actually had a very calm conversation. HE was very peaceful. He also asked about our 17 month old son- whom he has NEVER asked about or SEEN. Anyone?

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