Travel and Surgery

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Travel and Surgery

Post by lola21st on Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:29 pm

I don't remember the details of this dream but do recall that I was with someone and we had been staying at a hotel. We had packed up and got on a bus to go to the next destination. Got there stayed a short period and were leaving again on another bus (those tourist type buses - cushiony and comfortable with movies, etc. ).

On this bus, there was an older man whom I knew and trusted - IRL he's a friend of ours from my son's school and we're friendly but not nearly as close as we appeared to be in my dream. In the dream, he seemed like a relative (uncle or father). I don't remember why but he was going to do surgery on my head. I remember him parting my hair in the back and I saw him holding a scalpel. I was asking him if he had made a cut yet because I didn't feel anything and I knew he hadn't given me any anesthesia - I was concerned about this and he assured me that it wouldn't hurt...


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Re: Travel and Surgery

Post by hind'sfeet on Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:25 pm

Well, a couple things seem to be a trend, the comfortable bus and the "comfortable" surgery on the comfortable bus.
Head surgery-God doing surgery on some deep ideas?
I see something in your dream but I don't know what it is.

I can tell you a story about me when I was a kid :)

My head is rather sensitive and when I was a kid my mom used to hurt me every time she would brush my hair. She would even slap the top of my head very hard with the hair brush when I would move... She was not a gentle mother...
Well, I spent the night at my cousin's once, my lovely gentle aunt was one of my favs. The next morning she brushed my hair with a boar's bristle brush (my mom used Goodies... plastic tooth brush without the balls on the tips, still hurt) and I kept telling her she wasn't getting the tangles out. She said she was done and I was surprised because I hardly felt anything. It felt so nice when normally it was very painful.
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