Friend's Birthday Part 3

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Friend's Birthday Part 3

Post by sC0rCh3d on Wed Oct 15, 2008 10:44 am

at this time, someone on the podium, i believe a girl, said something about 'The King' coming forward, this again, was in relation to what was written on the bottom of our red chairs.

there were a few other words in my friend's title, but the only one i remember was "King."

however, when she called for 'The King' to come forward, me and my friend were hesitant, not knowing which one of us she was referring to as prior to us sitting in the chairs, we had NOT read what our TITLES were.

then i remember i think i started to get up out of my chair in case it was ME she was talking about but then i remember people giving me looks like i was definately wrong and it was my friend who should get up.

so, my friend gets up and goes to the podium, i think HE was going to do THE SPEECH about HIMSELF, and perhaps there would be other people speaking too.

maybe it was just him welcoming everyone and maybe cracking some jokes.

well, now that my friend had gotten out of HIS CHAIR, it was just me left in the far right chair, while the middle and left were empty.

this made me feel uncomfortable and AT THAT POINT, it did not seem appropriate that i should stay there, not without my friend sititng in his chair.

so, i got up out of my seat and went and sat in the crowd.

now that i think of it, the GIRL who summoned my friend forward, it was HER SEAT that i took, as she was now out of it and near the podium.

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Re: Friend's Birthday Part 3

Post by butterfly on Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:23 am

It seems as if you and your friend were not prepared for what was ahead and that is why when they called for the King you both didn't know which one of you they were calling to. Perhaps this could also speak to being unsure of who you really are and your position and how you are viewed by others. You both seem to be similar in that respect.
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