Friends's Birthday Part 2

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Friends's Birthday Part 2

Post by sC0rCh3d on Wed Oct 15, 2008 10:35 am

so as i said, there were alot of kids there and alot of chairs, all these chairs were set up neatly because people were there to listen to whatever speech was going to be made by whomever on that podium.

i then noticed three red chairs set to the side of where all the other chairs were and these red chairs were facing the crowd in the chairs while the crowd itself was facing forward towards the podium.

at this point, I realized what was going on. the 'SPEECH' was just a comemorative towards my friend, a speech about him and celebrating him, while the red chairs were for him and his two best friends to sit in.

although, I don't know why these red chairs were in the position that they were. it seems it would have made more sense if they were down in front facing towards the crowd, instead of being at the side facing towards the crowd.

so as we're all still socializing, i believe at this time someone on the podium started talking and was telling everyone to get situated and ready for the speech.

the person directed everyone's attention to THEIR right, to where the red chairs were.

the person spoke of their purpose.

then all of a sudden, my friend started running towards the red chairs and it felt like he was beckoning me to sit in one of the chairs with him.

he has all these friend, but only two could sit in the chairs on either side of him, he sat in the middle one, of course, being it was HIS DAY, his birthday.

maybe we were RUNNING because it was a symbollic gesture of WHOEVER out of his friend made it to the chairs WOULD BE SEEN AS...his BEST of friends.

however, i seemed to be the only one running.

i sat to his right, while the chair to his left stayed empty.

i could not understand why nobody else ran, and i had some ideas of people who SHOULD have been sitting in that other chair.

so, it's my friend sitting in his middle chair, me sitting to his right, we're facing the crowd, they are turned to THEIR right looking at us.

now, about the chairs, on each chair, there was a piece of paper that was strung across the length of the bottom of the chairs, each piece of paper had a different TITLE written on it.

the TITLES were to designate who we were and what we were to our friend and what we were in regards to the party.

so, for instance, on my friend's chair, there was something about 'KING' in the title, and appropriately so, because it was HIS DAY and he was in the middle chair.

although, I don't remember what was written on my chair, nor the one to his left.

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Re: Friends's Birthday Part 2

Post by butterfly on Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:15 am

It seems as if you really care about this friend. It sad though that no one else seems as eager as you are to sit with him. The titles on the chairs is interesting. Also the red chair gives a flair of prestige and importance. The color red is a bold color, very attention grabbing.
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