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Competition / Racing

Post by Kamdan on Fri Aug 06, 2010 5:45 pm

Hi, I had three dreams last night that I remember. In the first one, it seemed like I was at Bible camp when I was a child. And we were seperated into groups that were going to take part in a challenge. In it three people from your group needed to balance with each other up high on a metal platform, (sitting on kind of three metal chairs joining together type thing) competing to see how long you could balance up high without tipping over against another team with three members from a different team. We were told about the upcoming challenge the night before and two other teams practiced all evening not letting any other teams practice so I was getting agitated as I really wanted to practice so that I could compete well the next day.

In my second dream, I was in a horse race. I was riding on top of a huge dark green horse. It seemed like we were racing around a large farm house. I was watching ahead of me how another female competetor was getting her horse to run fast. I didn't need to do anything though and my horse just took off and ran so fast, we won the race and I was so happy. I won 6 thousand dollars. I was telling people after the race how my horse paid off as I had only paid 1 thousand dollars for it. I had bought the horse from a friend that I had in Junior high school and her dad. My mom corrected me though and said we had paid much more at least 2 thousand dollars and I wasn't sure if she was right or not but it was still a good return either way.

In the third dream I was racing again this time on a huge quad. I was again way ahead of everyone else and I thought even at one point that I won the race but when I thought that I immediatly was inside a restaurant building and being told that I for sure will win I just need to race up all the final staicases on my quad and I will win guarenteed. So I was kind of just smiling and happy that I didn't need to panic as I was far ahead of everyone else. I made it up the first staircase fine and was driving around to the second one (there was a lot of going around and around in this dream and the second one) when I saw another competetors mom coming in from and different way and saying her son was up ahead. Sure enough I got to the next stair case and not only was the boy there but he had his own personal coach walking behind him giving him advice. I was really discouraged to see that he had a coach as I had no one. He got stuck on the staircase and there was no way around him, I just had to wait for him to get up and I thought this is impossible to win now I will be stuck behind this guy in fromt of me, it is impossible to get by him and win the race.

Thank-you so much for any insight, I have been praying about the meaning God wants to tell me but I am having a hard time. I kind of have feelings but I'm not really sure. It's like the meaning is almost within my grasp but not quite. And I feel like I should know the meaning but I don't.

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