Being with my family on a vacation and the taste test.

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Being with my family on a vacation and the taste test.

Post by steadygaze on Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:00 am

Here I am again desiring confirmation.


I went with my family on vacation at like Reno or Vegas was a familiar place. My family would team off into pairs and I was always the one by myself. I did not mind it. They would go out and do things and I would stay and play in the indoor swimming pool. I meet these nice guys in the pool area and one man I believe was a police officer and he had to leave but he lost his police officers belt in the water so I went in to search for it when he left. The other guys had found it and they showed it to me. Then I heard them making fun of me and mocking me so I left.

Well my family were all back at night in the hotel room sleeping and I was still wide awake not realizing it was mid morning time. I wanted to take in a movie and my cousin Jacob was there and I asked Him if he wanted to take in a movie with me, he said yes. Then He hoped int he shower while I got ready. BY the time we get ready my family gets up out of bed and they asked me what I was doing and I said we are going to the movies, and they showed me it was morning time. I was like no way I have been up all night! They said, yes. I was like wow I did not realize that. So we all went out to eat some breakfast and my cousin Jacob who I was going to the movies with starts sharing with me about a mobile taste test he sat up. As he began to speak about the food test we were all of a sudden there in his mobile having the taste test of the food that was prepared, and we could taste which food needed what type of seasoning and what was perfect and needed nothing.

Gees interesting
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