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Repost - giving birth

Post by kkj002 on Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:12 pm

Dreamed I was carrying a child (as a surrogate) for another person. My husband and I decided that, though the baby was not at term, we would remove the child from me via Cesarean section. I was concerned about this because I thought the child would not live and wondered if this would be considered an abortion. Almost immediately, we removed the child, and it was developed beyond its gestational age. The child was a girl and had a lot of hair and was well developed. I kept examining the child because I was concerned that the child had Down's Syndrome. However, I realized that though the child was different, the child was normal. I announced that we would keep this child (even though I had been carrying the baby for someone else.) In addition, I knew that I would soon have a child of my own naturally and that this baby, too, would be a girl. I remember saying "Oh my goodness, that means we are going to have three girls and one boy", which, in the natural would be true. What is the meaning of the two baby girls - one carried for someone else, delivered by C-Section, mature for gestational age (and which I kept) and the other baby girl that would come naturally?

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