My sister died and came back to life.

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My sister died and came back to life.

Post by Den on Thu Aug 05, 2010 8:56 am

My dream happen during winter.
My sister is sitting on the side of the road on the side walk eating her lunch. I went to talk to her but she was ignoring me so I left.
As I was walking, I saw a big snow plow coming toward me with no light on.
I thought my sister will not see the snow plow in time because it was getting dark very fast and also because she look like she was lost in her thinking not being herself.
I was panicking, I try so hard to have a ride back with no success.
I wanted to tell my sister she was in danger sitting there, and that she had to remove herself quickly from there.
I did not make it in time.
Later on in the dream, a woman says to me looking toward the lac, that's where they put the recent dead people.
It was like a road on the lac and she says soon that place will cave in.
I wanted to go, she offer to show me the place and I went with her.
I saw my sister there, they had put her there temporairly so they can burn her later.
She was laying there on top of box. They had put her purse there and also 2 of her coats on the ice beside her.
I pick up the coats and was ready to go.
Sudently! My sister sat down. What a big surprise!!! that was.
I was shock and very happy at the same time.
I looked at her chest to see if she did not have any cuts or marks from embalming and she did not have any.
I guess they just did not border with it, because she was suppose to be burn.
It was a miracle!!!! My sister was dead and she was alive again!!!! Yť!!!!

God bless you all,

When I went to church last night I had prayed for my sister, because in real life she is ignoring me, she's not well emotionlly.
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