Dream of the sea with red sparks

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Dream of the sea with red sparks

Post by Rene on Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:16 pm

5 August 2010 - I had a dream that we were riding along the coast (My mom, husband, 2 sons and I). I looked at the sea on our left and saw small red sparks (like electricity) coming out of the water. I was the only one noticing the sparks. I was somewhat afraid. I then looked at the temp. indicator in the car and it was a ridiculous temperature outside. I looked back and saw the heat of the sea was so severe that it was causing cars behind us to explode. I then started panicking and told my husband to ride as fast as he can and to keep in the right lane further from the sea. All around there was heat, fire and explosions. We then came into a city where people seemed to be relaxing and on holiday. I went to this one man and said: "God is the Father, and we are his children, He is coming to fetch us". He laughed at me and said: "Who is this man God". I replied: "He is our Father, and our childrens father". He started laughing even more and replied: "So are you telling me that I am not the Father of my own children - "God" is the father of my children." As I turned around there were security gaurds coming up to all the people with frowns on their faces and told us to evacuate because the sea is on fire. I was removed from this dream (but still dreaming) and I was paging through the bible. I remember the figure 4 and 7 and tried to see the name of the chapter but couldn't find it.

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