Living with an old roommate and being set apart.

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Living with an old roommate and being set apart.

Post by steadygaze on Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:20 am

Okay now this is strange. I laid before the Lord trying to understand what He is trying to reveal here, and I am at a loss but will still keep seeking Him in this.


I was living with an old roommate and she was going to have a Bible study at our house. She had invited all these people with children. I felt separate and set apart from this group so I never attended this Bible study. Instead I would lay and worship all the time in my room just to hear the Lord and I would always read the word this was always my greatest joy and what I lived for. Well When her friends came for Bible study their kids came with them and they had no one to watch them so they would go in my room and get into things and I would get irritated with the kids and ask them to please leave my things alone and to go into the other room where their parents were. Then one of the women we knew in the dream came to me and told to please shut my door there was like a dog poo smell in my room. I could smell it too but could not find it, then I finally tore the sheets off my bed and there was a foot print of dog poo on my sheets. I was like who in the world and how in the world did this poo get on my sheets?

Any insight would be great!
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