Driving a semi Truck and be invdad by others surrouning my semi truck.

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Driving a semi Truck and be invdad by others surrouning my semi truck.

Post by steadygaze on Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:08 am

Hi friends,

I have been before the Lord on this dream and I am still am. I desire to know His heart. I just could not for the Life if me get what was going on here. I had another dream like that too this morning, which I will post.


I was at a friends ministry in this town I had never been in before. This ministry wanted me to drop some things off some where with my semi truck. So I dropped a load off where they needed it dropped off,then I was driving back and missed the street I was to turn off of, so I had to drive into this big parking lot to turn around and all of a sudden my truck got surrounded by these cars who pulled all around me and stopped. These men got out of their cars and jumped on my truck and I was punching them as they got to my window thinking they were trying to attack me. All of a sudden there was this familiar women sitting in my truck it seemed as if she was there all along. Then one of the main men of the group got into my truck and sat where the other women I knew was and handed her a portfolio. I was like what she knows this man! Then they start talking about the portfolio and I have no clue of what is going on, and she says," he just came to give me a portfolio of me." Then she begins to showed me pictures that were taken of her. I thought all this for that!

Strange to me.

Any insight would be good.

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