car sinks but i get out..?

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car sinks but i get out..?

Post by traveller on Tue Aug 03, 2010 1:37 pm

Hi, this is a repost of a dream i posted a couple of weeks ago. HS led insight more than welcome..

Pastor’s wife was talking about moving into a share house with a young guy from church. After I'd been questioning the how and what (as she’s married and has kids to look after, etc) she explained that she won’t need a room there as she’ll only be there during the days after which she’ll then go home. The guy on the other hand would get a big room as he somehow got a lot of furniture from somewhere: a double bed, a tv cabinet, etc. He got it from some girl he was really good friends with and pastor’s wife said she wanted to keep an eye on the situation so he wouldn’t end up in a relationship with her as she’s an unbeliever. (This guy irl is sharing a house with another bloke next door from me). I saw myself walking past this house and looking into the living room. It was dark and old fashioned with a couch and a single bed in it?

Next scene: I’m in the back of a car, felt like a four wheel drive, with my parents in the front (even though my father irl has passed away), and someone to my left, don’t know who that was. We were on a drive and my father, who was driving, was taking us somewhere where he’d been. We drove over a canal and I saw a couple of low bridges over the canal all the way to the horizon where the sea/mountains were. On the nearest bridge I saw an old fashioned horse drawn carriage, like it was centuries ago. It was quite scenic this whole picture with the light as it is at the end of the day and the mountains/sea on the horizon. Whilst looking at the sea/coastline in the distance I noticed my father had turned left off the road to the left of a building and was heading for that coastline in the distance. However, we weren’t on a road anymore, only on a very narrow strip/edge of pavement/land with the canal to the left and there definitely wasn’t enough room for a car, we were only with the right two wheels still on the track, the left were not touching any ground. We mentioned something about the lack of space/track but my father said he’d come down here before and that he made it through then, and that you’ll have as much chance of making it as not..
The moment he’d said that I felt the car loosing grip. I prayed for God to please let us hang on but I could feel us rolling in slow motion. I took a deep breath, thinking it might be my last breath as the car would soon be full of water. However, I could keep breathing after the car was under water. I had air around me, not sure if the others did, they were all very quiet. I was thinking if and how I’d go about getting out of the car, opening the door wouldn’t work because of the pressure of the water, but opening the window might. However, the water would then come gushing in, so I’d have to be very quick with pulling out the other person that was next to me and keep my breathing right. I was thinking rather calmly and clearly and felt no fear. I knew I’d get out, but was just thinking how to go about it in the most efficient way.
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