Several spirits

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Several spirits

Post by Saphire on Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:49 pm

I dreamed that me and some others, who i dont
know, were called to "receive our gift." The leader was "buffy" from the
vampire slayer, for some reason.
Anyway, we were all in this room and I was given this necklace and
bracelet with some kind of symbol on it. She told me to , "never let
them out of my sight." After I took them, I was told to stand in the
center of the room to receive. So, I went to the center and there were 6
or 7 spirits there. They were scarey looking but I was afraid only a
little. They were trying to come inside of me and I was just standing
there waiting. Some of them hurt just a little, but most couldnt come
in. Then, I was walking through this same house, I don't know what I was
doing but after the spirit deal, I was very kind-hearted and loving.
Even though the spirits were evil looking, I didnt turn evil. I was then
looking for sad people in the house. Then I found this spirit who was
very very sad. I reached out to it and I asked what was wrong? It told
me with a very small childs voice, "I miss the way you use to talk to
the Holy Spirit." I could sense God was there somewhere around me. But I
didnt get any feelings from Him, like anger or happiness. So I don't
know what God was thinking. Then I woke up.

I haven't watched "Buffy" in a long long time, I haven't been thinking
about leaving God. If anyone can help with this, I appreciate it.
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