another dream of danger

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another dream of danger

Post by Lindalee on Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:33 pm

I just woke up from a nap where I was having a was my daughter telling me to wake up and go look at the sun because it looked "funny". The dream was this:
Hearing a loud sound I looked out my window and all I saw was twirling earth,dirt and debree and darkness. I realized it was a tornado which was odd since I live in the pacific NorthWest and this is not tornado country. I was very afraid. I ran to the other side of the house and looked out the window. The sun was shining on that side. I ran back to the other side and the scene out my window and noise was terrifying.Even though the tornado was up against my window, the window did not break. Somehow I thought my kids were still in the house. After the tornado was over, I found to my horror that my daughter was missing. I eventually found her in the kitchen but almost screamed for she had shrunk and was like a midget, only a couple of feet tall instead of nearly my height like she is in real life. Her hair was disheveled and dirty and windblown, her pupils were tiny and her eyes looked weird like she was in pain. "Mom, mom" she cried. I rushed to her and when I held her her spine was all bent, mishaped and crushed. It was like some force had compacted her spine. I rushed to call 911. I called over and over but kept getting some guy who laughed and sounded like a bill collecter. There was no 911 anymore. In a panic I began trying to call my ex-husband to come and drive us to the hospital. But he was no where to be found. I put shoes on and was rushing around my house in this panic when in real life my 12 year old daughter woke me up.

In real life (not a dream) I went outside to see what my daughter had meant by the sun looked weird. She was right. The setting sun looked strangely small through the haze of humidity."Look mommy,The sun is making the grass yellow" It did sort of look like that, just a trick of light. But then I started looking at the wooded patch in the side yard and walked over to investigate. I realized that a bunch of foilage is dying like something got sprayed on it. I am really concerned now because two mornings ago I got off my graveyard shift job, went home through a hazy fog, and sat on my front porch to enjoy the quiet stillness of the morning and listened to what sounded like rain pelting all the leaves...but there was no rain! Instead there was a strange sand like substance coming down. I wondered if a volcano had an ash plume and I didn't hear about it, or was this some military test (I live near a military base), or was this heaven forbid, nuclear fallout? There was nothing on the news, nothing at all. So I witnessed a strange thing and know nothing at all, only have a dying patch in my yard to show that SOMETHING occured.

I am really rattled here folks! Between the nightmare I just had which really frightened me and real life strange things going on I don't know what to think. I am just left with a most uneasy feeling...

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