Repost of Strange Baby Dream

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Repost of Strange Baby Dream

Post by caneadea on Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:17 am

Hello Mia and friends,

My name
is Jen, and I would greatly appreciate some input into this dream if you
don't mind taking the time to read this. Thank you all in advance and
God bless you!! :)

My immediate family along with my parents and
2 of my siblings were all at some kind of large church conference. We
were dressed informally and none of us were in any services,
it was like we were taking a day off for a little fun or something.

All of the sudden, I felt movement in my stomach and knew that
something was going on. I pulled up my shirt and saw a little foot
against me. (mind you, I had NO IDEA I was pregnant, nor was I showing
any sign of it) It was really large for an infant though. My mother saw
it too, and we both were shocked. There was a small medical center
attached to the church, and we went there immediately. They gave me a little
room to wait in, and while we were waiting, the baby was literally
trying to press its way through my stomach. The head and arms were
protruding from my body and it was like the baby was trying to separate itself
from me. It was trying to be born without actually going through the
birth canal. I don't know how it happened, but the baby came through me
and was resting in my arms without even needing to be cleaned...

child was developing mentally at a very high rate. It was trying to
communicate with us, and was almost ready to talk within a
matter of hours. The baby even started growing teeth after just a few
minutes. While all of this was going on, we could find NO ONE to help
us. The medical center was overwhelmed and since I was not an emergency
case, they were not attending to us. I knew I needed to deliver
the afterbirth, but as time went on, it was disappearing...

I called my husband and asked him what he wanted me to name the baby,
b/c we didn't even know if it was a boy or girl yet (Strange, but the
baby had little clothes on almost immediately). The names were going to
be Colin Everett if it was a boy, or Cayla Emerson if it was a girl.
(The boy name I have already considered for another child, even
mentioned it to my husband yesterday, but the girl name appeared out of
thin air.)

was the end of the dream. Please know that this dream is something I
truly need clarity on b/c of some very recent extenuating circumstance!
It has been on my heart all day today, and I am believing that God will
reveal the answers. Thank you again to all who read.

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