The Gift !!!

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The Gift !!!

Post by king Rex on Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:21 pm

In this dream, my wife and I happened to have saved a child, his father an elderly man approached us, thanking us for saving his child and he went ahead to say that he wants to show his appreciation, he then takes us to his house, went under his bed and pulled out a gift like an anthiek and said we should take it for his worth millions -

Next scene was a feest organized by an actor who was representing GOD as i told my wife in the dream, a woman walked to the table and took a guy around the table with her as to say he was guilty, the perpetrator - then the actor acting as GOD walked to him and said he should be ashamed of causing or killing his grandmom or so ... we continued to feest - were full and saw two yellow cars...

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