3 Dreams: Chickens, The Cross, The Spread

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3 Dreams: Chickens, The Cross, The Spread

Post by mrswilliams on Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:37 pm

I would really appreciate some help in interperting my dreams I went out and bought a book from the Christian Bookstore and it's so confussing to me trying to place the dreams. Thanks so much for your time

The following Dreams I had last week.

The Cross:
I was wearing this chain around my neck and it was pretty thick and I had a nice beautiful cross as the charm. Well I was walking around in the dream and everyone wanted to take a look at the cross because it was beautiful. I stopped and let one individual look at it and they made me aware that there was a sillhouette of a man and women on both sides of it. I didn't believe them because I hadn't noticed it but, as I looked down I could instantly see them. Well the women's sillhouette was the outline of her breasts and her vagina was in the shape of a heart and the man sillhouette was just an outline of his body and his genitals. I just looked at them for a while and I just remembered thinking why was the vagina shaped like a heart. I wasn't afraid in the dream or anything and I didn't feel like I was in danger. The breasts were very full to be honest the shapes of the bodys were beautiful

The spread:
I was walking and talking with a women and she was discussing baking with me. She was telling me about this bread I had to try because it was really good. Well the lady gave me a piece of the bread and I remember saying it was very very good. They were in the shapes of rolls and were really big. The next thing I knew I had a basket of them and we were walking towards this buffet table but, it was full of fruits all different kinds. I remember thinking I've never seen so much fruit in my life but, the only one that really stood out to me was the watermelon. It was very ripe and bold in color cut up in different sizes and looked very juicy I could also see the seeds inside of the watermelon and I woke up.

The second dream was this week.

Very Brief...I saw a chicken or hen or something of that sort and it gave birth to 3 eggs. 1 hatched in the dream and the other two were slowly hatched and I remembered thinking that the one that was born was so beautiful and it was already yellow in color like it was never a baby. That's it.

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Re: 3 Dreams: Chickens, The Cross, The Spread

Post by One Door on Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:28 pm

I would just like to give you some symbol meanings concerning the dream "the spread".
BREAD: God's word (Bread of life); if you have been concerned about provision bread also means: God providing for His own; also means, Christ, our food come down from Heaven.
WATERMELON means: Restoring of the soul; refreshened; fruitfulness.
Hope this helps in some way.

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