dream for interpretation

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dream for interpretation

Post by kim benedict on Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:47 am

Had another interesting dream last night. One thing consistent in last few dreams is there always seems to be chaos all around me but Im never a part of the chaos. I am physically present and aware of what is going on but its as though I am on the outside looking in….. I seem to be unaffected. One dream I was living in an apt (neighborhood where husband grew up) and I came home in the middle of the night and everyone was evacuated in the streets bc the building was on fire. I was totally calm while everyone (no one I recognized) was in chaos. Its like it didn’t even matter the apt was being consumed by flames.

Another dream I came home (again husbands childhood neighborhood) in the middle of the night and roads were blocked off due to police cars, ambulance, fire truck. Neighbors were everywhere in a panic. I was calm and could care less what was going on, I just wanted to get home. Turned out a man was found dead and had been for days.

Last night had a dream I lived with a ton of ppl….no one I knew….. many rooms in the house (this is also a reoccurring element in recent dreams)…..and everywhere I went in this house there was a really chubby female Asian baby/infant just left alone, always swaddled….she would be left in a box, on the edge of a counter, in a basket, outside…. The baby belonged to a young girl I did not recognize but I seemed to always be taking care of it. No one in the house seemed to be very aware of the baby but I grew very attached to it and vice versa. I remember one time the baby looked at me with a big smile and said “momma”……..but it was almost in the tone of a question.
These dreams are coming nightly.

kim benedict
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Re: dream for interpretation

Post by ditte3 on Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:29 pm

Very interseting dreams!I'm going to pray about them.
At the first dreams it seems as if you are an observer.Do you think so too?

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