My Pastor Got SHOT..Help!!??

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My Pastor Got SHOT..Help!!??

Post by Blue101 on Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:04 pm

Hi Everyone,

Usually I dream about the Body of Christ, suffering that is to come, church growth, particular people for intercession, Jesus, etc..But this entire past year I couldn't help but notice dreams about my Pastor. At one time in a dream we were running together being chased by wolves, who did not bite us by the way, and i remember being encouraged by his faith which encouraged me. Other dreams, Im either right next to him and he's teaching or preparing me or something, or iam encouraging him.

The dream I want to talk about is one I had back in March of this year. All I remember is somehow we were in my car, a black jeep patriot and it was dark so it was at night. I believe I was in the driver seat and he was in the passenger seat and another minister was in the back seat. We were in the car at the end of a dead end street when suddenly we noticed a man walking in the middle of the street toward the car with a pistol/gun coming after us. We immediately run to the left for cover. Somehow i saw my sister running as well the other way and the gunman fired. But i wasn't sure if she was hit. But I ran toward Pastor and the minister.

Next scene Pastor was hit, holding his stomach sitting up against a wall. The other minister ran for help. I was by his side. I remember I shot back at the gunman who was still firing. So im still tending to Pastor, holding him in my arms. He says Jesus, and immediately I start singing in Soprano "Jeeeesus....Jeeeeesus....Jeee...eee...sus friend for ever" a beautiful song by Hillsong and Delirious called "What a Friend I've Found." I remember him feeling so at peace and vice versa. It was a beautiful moment. He did not pass away, but made it through, then I woke up.

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