Dressed like a queen and children being drawn.

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Dressed like a queen and children being drawn.

Post by steadygaze on Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:27 pm

Hi my beautiful friends.

I had this blurb of a dream this morning. I do not quit understand it and through maybe you all have insight.


I was in a foreign country I think it was the middle east. I went to this christian school to meet a friend who was teaching there and for some reason I was dressed like a queen I had this Victorian style yellow dress on and beautiful jewelry. I was thinking why in the world would I be dressed like a queen in the mission field? As I walked in to meet with this friend all the kids were staring at me in awe of how beautiful I looked I did not think much of it and one little girl about eight or nine goes wow in front of me. This little girl was drawn to me and I looked at her and I smiled with a heart if love and compassion and I motioned to her to come to me and she did, and I hugged her and held her in my arms.

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