visions - Germany- Russia and China

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visions - Germany- Russia and China

Post by one1cross on Tue Oct 14, 2008 9:55 am

After reading some of the stuff below I was reminded of these:

short mini visions given:

September 09/17/07
As I lay still before the Lord- it was as if I was in a huge warehouse as though in Spirit I was brought to a huge wooden box appeared to be 4ft, wide by 4 tall. Than it was as though I was brought closer to it and the lid was pushed over to the side so I could see in. I knew by revelation given immediately in spirit these were mass weapons of destruction. I was than showed a symbol on the outside of the box. I did not know the symbol but I remembered my brother being in service and drew it for him and he said it was an szet which is a letter or symbol of Germany as he had served there while Air-force.

Vision 09/18/07-
While being still before the Lord another vision came before me.
A long dark tunnel than as though I was walking through it...
all of a sudden it opened up and appeared to be a warehouse underground, long deep and wide in appearance. A light shown before me but darkness on both sides. It was though I came closer and saw huge missels barred across and pad locked. Some things I did not have revelation of what they were.
Shelves and shelves of what appeared to be bombs and than more wooden boxes lined upon one side of a wall.
Again more symbols or letters, this time written in Chinese.

As I lay still before the Lord a vision came before me-

I saw what appeared to be a map as though it zoomed closer I saw the Letter R. On the arch of R hung a padlock. All of a sudden what appeared to be a missile, perhaps a rocket zoomed directly through the hole/arch of the R . I than saw the padlock fall off of the arch. As I watched it drop I than saw the word upon the map-RUSSIA. I than saw what appeared to be chain links linking this word to others but could not see the linking of the other words, than the vision stopped.

It was though I was holding a map at first sight before me but then I saw each side rolled up as one long piece of paper flat before me, It apeared to be a scroll. I could not see what was upon it only that it was a brownish tan in color appearing to be of very old.

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Re: visions - Germany- Russia and China

Post by butterfly on Tue Nov 25, 2008 5:31 am

Thanks for sharing one1cross flower
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