Church service, Stranger/Admirer, Childhood home

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Church service, Stranger/Admirer, Childhood home

Post by notmyname on Tue Oct 14, 2008 9:47 am

Can you please assist me with interpreting this dream? Thanks in advance!

Scene 1

There was some kind of church service that I was seeing (I was observing this action and each second - it seemed that I was panning closer and closer to view more of this scene), and I noticed one of my former female pastors on the platform. Even one time, she was rejoicing and dancing before the Lord with the choir seeing behind her.

Scene 2

It seemed as if the church had now opened up towards the outside, and some of the people that was in the church was now outside of it, but I only recognized one person who was actually inside though. I was sitting on a bench and noticed one female friend (in the natural) that was sitting next to me. It was daytime, almost near noon. Nice and pretty day outside and wasn't even hot or humid - just a nice day. Felt good!

Then there were some men who were brothers (3 of them) who were now sitting around and next to me on the bench. We were all just reminiscing about the old days (in the natural - I had no clue of who they were). Anyway, one of the guys was just telling me about how much he liked me when we were growing up. I then remember looking at the corner of where we were all sitting and saw one of the brothers (who was the youngest) and thought myself how the guy who was telling me all of this information was either the oldest or middle out of the brothers.

He was basically the one who was doing all of the talking. It was cool to listen to. I never felt disrespected, but I was trying to see when I would have time to tell him that I am happily married and am now a mother. I even remember that I was going to show him my child, because we were right down the street from my childhood home. I was about 3 houses down (in the dream - not in real life). The guys were light brown skinned with beautiful curly shinny black hair. I don't know how else to explain it, but that this whole time listening to this guy telling me how much he always liked me and explained how during different stages of my life (from childhood until now) how much he was always attentive and cared about my well being. (There was nothing sexual about this whole conversation)!

I felt so special. He had a beautiful nice demeanor about himself. It was just so nice and he was saying all of this before everyone that was at the bench. We then all left and was walking down the street to towards my house, and I knew in my mind how I was going to go in the house and come back out to show him my baby and tell him that I was married and all. Not to gloat, but to let him know that everything was well with me, and that he didn't have to worry or be concerned about me like before, because I have a man that takes care of me and look how we are doing, etc.

Scene 3

I walked into my childhood home, and saw my Mom (in the natural) standing in the den area and cleaning up. I didn't recognize what she was doing at first, but then my attention got more focused on the top of everything in the house, such as kitchen counters, kitchen tables, couches, shelves, etc. Everything was covered with some layers of water. Everything!

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Re: Church service, Stranger/Admirer, Childhood home

Post by butterfly on Fri Oct 17, 2008 9:20 am

I am not a dream interpreter but perhaps I can give you some ideas.

It is possible that those three men you saw in a dream were actually angels and not human beings. These angels could also be representing the Trinity (The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost). When I saw your question I felt a peace about it.
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