A Dream About Church and Ants

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A Dream About Church and Ants

Post by Lovin'theLord on Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:25 pm

I had a dream a few weeks ago about myself and my two children. We were going to and arrived at church. In reality, we have recently moved into a brand new facility that our church actually built. In the dream, we arrived at church, knew it was church but it didn't look the same. We were comfortable and happy there, saying hello to everyone. One interesting thing was that the church had pews and our actual church has padded and connecting chairs.

My children both sat down and I was standing but talking with others in the area that we were in. I was talking animatedly and using my hands and then looked up. When I looked up I saw hundreds and hundreds of black ants crawling on the ceiling. The ceiling was literally covered with ants. Some of the ants were walking in line, as ants do, and others were grouped and not going in any particular direction. When I looked up and saw this, I gasped, and it was very real to me, the shock I felt. Others looked up as well, saw the ants and were equally as shocked. We started to say to each other that we would need to leave, evacuate, because we were afraid that the ants would fall on us and we would be bitten. We expected to be able to return once the problem was resolved, possibly with extermination.

The children and I and some others began to leave. Once out of the building there was a wide expanse and it was cemented. There were three steps to walk down and we noticed with some surprise that there was a very, very large group of Black Muslims outside of the church having a gathering. We were taken aback but knew that they actually had the right to be there as our buildings were adjoined and they were legally allowed to meet there. We weren't pleased though. We then just kept going and filed past the group in single file to the left and headed to our vehicle. That was the end of the dream. Thanks to anyone that might have some thoughts on this. It's been puzzling me for some time now.

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