Conquering my fears??

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Conquering my fears??

Post by allypoo5 on Sat Jul 24, 2010 8:12 am

Ok so I had a very interesting dream last night, and when I woke up, I just knew I HAD to figure out the meaning behind it. Anyway, I was looking at a picture of this young male evangelist (who, by the way, I do find attractive but am not trying nor have ever tried to pursue) and his young fiancée. As I'm staring at the picture, it begins to change and suddenly it's a picture of the evangelist, his fiancée, and both of their families at the beach. I look at the picture with envy because I wish so badly that my family and the guy I love's family were that close; that we could all go on a trip like that together. As I'm staring at the pic, it comes to life and I am placed in the picture, with the evangelist, fiancée, and 2 families. They can't see me at first, and we are at a beautiful beach... People are wading in the clear blue water. Next thing I can remember is I'm underwater swimming (which, by the way, I am a horrible swimmer). I'm watching some of the family swim underwater, and then I begin watching the fiancée swim. I wished I could be more like her because of how graceful she was swimming, and the way her hair floated perfectly around her while she swam. Suddenly she is able to see me, and I begin to swim away. I hear her say to someone that she thinks I am a mermaid so I begin to swim away, trying to swim like a mermaid would. The next thing I remember is sitting up on a ledge, like on the side of this small mountain which overlooks the ocean, with the fiancée. We are watching the rest of the family swim in the shallow, clear blue water. The water doesn't have waves, but it is rippling. I notice about 3-4 huge great white sharks swimming back and forth in front of me and the fiancée (we are up high and not in the water, thus safe from the sharks), but they are getting closer to the 2 families who are oblivious. We begin screaming at them, trying to get their attention. They can't quite hear what we are saying, so I use my 2 arms/hands to make a shark symbol over my head. They try to scramble out of the water, and the fiancée and I hop down from our ledge to try to help them out. Suddenly a huge wave comes toward us and I begin to panic because I know the sharks can get me if this wave comes and pulls me under. So we (fiancée and I) quickly scramble to try to climb back up on our ledge. She makes it up, but I am having trouble climbing it. I had to use vines that kept snapping every time I pulled on them, and they were very unstable. Finally the fiancée shows me which vines to use; she grabs a hold of me and helps pull me up, and I barely manage to make it up that small mountain. The young evangelist is trying to climb up, but he also is having difficulties, so I grab his arm and yank him up (we were all surprised by my strength). The 3 of us lay there for a minute, catching our breath, and I just keep saying over and over, "you guys, I conquered my fears! Sharks and heights were my biggest fears but I conquered them!" (the heights fear was me climbing up that mountain). No one was injured or killed in the dream because of the sharks; everyone managed to safely make it out.

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