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Post by Hisdaughter on Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:02 pm

I dreamed that a male friend of mine came into town to tell myself and my best friend something . I was not dressed so I asked a lady in the dream I don't know to help me get dressed. I took a scarf off my head and my hair was blonde, black and light brown. NRL my hair is nothing like that. I combed it with a large tooth comb and the hair came out. I combed it with a small tooth comb and it stopped coming out. I kept telling the lady in the dream to find me a shirt to wear. My best friend NRL came and said that our friend____________ wants only me to come with him. My best friend made that statement with an attitude. I finally put on dark blue jean capris and a grey t shirt. Also the hair looked like wig hair or synthetic hair. Also the clothes were not something I would wear NRL not sure if that matters. My emothion from this dream was excitement when I awoke. I never saw my male friend in the dream nor did he tell me anything.

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