Power out, Storm coming, Fireman

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Power out, Storm coming, Fireman

Post by notmyname on Tue Oct 14, 2008 9:10 am

Can you please assist me with interpreting this dream? Thanks in advance!

Scene 1

I was looking downward (almost like in the balcony area, but I wasn't in the scene - I was only observing) at a play that was getting ready to start, and the artistic director had came out to do the introduction and welcomes before the production began. As she was talking, the power went out in certain areas of that auditorium. When she saw that the power went out, she left from center stage and went down into the audience down the middle isle to see what was going on.

Then I ended up seeing the artistic director sitting in her office, talking on the phone. She was talking about something regarding the weather. (The female that was the artistic director was my friend in the natural that I have acted with in previous productions and is also a friend of mine. However, she is not an artistic director currently in the natural. she stays in New York now, and she is trying to succeed in the acting field - she is an excellent actress).

Scene 2

Now, it seems that I was in two places at the same time. Physically, I would be IN an apartment or some place with a female friend (in the dream) and the other place I was observing the other place by standing in there, but not really there. (It was weird, I've never been in a situation like this before in my dream). Well, in the female's place, she was walking around her house in thought about the weather, and I asked her where we were going to go because of the storm coming. She was saying how she wasn't going to go anywhere.

Then, I am in the other place with my grandmother (who is deceased in the natural for over 15 years) who was staying in a house (don't know the house), and I don't even remember her saying anything. I just knew what was going on with her and what she was going to do - which was nothing. Both my grandmother and this female were not going to go anywhere. I asked my female friend how close did she stay to the water, and I don't remember her actual response. However, I looked out of her window and saw that it was night time, cloudy and grayish skies, and waves of water was hitting near her house - it seemed as if she stayed in a beach house.

One part of what I saw was the fact that the water from the ocean was going to overshadow that whole section of the beach and land in her section of where her house was placed. I then also saw how my grandmother was still not going to go anywhere, and how I was feeling very cautious and knew that both my grandmother and this female friend needed to hurry up and do something in regards to leaving where they are and get to a safer spot. This was my concern the whole time in this scene.

Scene 3

A fireman came and rescued me. I see my self sitting in a car or truck of some sort in the backseat with a dog. The dog came from one of the places that I was talking about - either my female friend's house or my grandmother's house. It was choas outside and all, due to this big storm that was coming, but I was wondering why that female and my grandmother didn't try to leave or was even concerned enough to do anything.

(In the natural, my friend is in New York and it didn't seem that I was in Florida, but I do remember that the place that they were at was a big popular place like California, but I can't remember now. I guess I should have gotten up and wrote out this dream immediately, but I didn't. This dream felt as if it wasn't as personal, but more in regards to whats going on in the world today, but I'm not for sure).

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Re: Power out, Storm coming, Fireman

Post by Kitty - A Nerd For Jesus! on Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:45 am

What strikes me is the Power going out. Not in the sense of loosing power but the Power like God's Glory going out. As the world is a stage as the expression goes. What happened in the end?
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