skating very fast!

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skating very fast!

Post by kellsy2004 on Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:55 pm

Hi everyone,
I had a dream yesterday like I was being trained and I didn't even know I was being trained to skate until I found myself on a snow-covered ground and I was skating effortlessly and enjoying it so much and i was so good it surprised me,and the speed I was going was so fast but yet i didn't fall.I saw a puddle ahead I soared over it so easily and expertly.At the end,someone told me the skating was over and i was told to carry all the skating equipment including other's equipments.I wasn't happy about that because i felt i was older than the others but I didn't say anything but carried the equipments then later the the equipments were taken from me and given to the younger one.what does it mean???
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