Confronting a person I minsitered with.

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Confronting a person I minsitered with.

Post by steadygaze on Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:12 pm

Hi friends here is another dream.


I was at a Baseball game and I went down from the stands to get something to eat, and I saw a friend of mine who has a ministry in Russia.( IRL my friend Paula has a ministry in Russia.) My friend Paula came down from the stands also to give me a big hug.The next thing I know I am either on a plane or or a train with the Russian ministry team that Paula runs and it was Paula's privet plain/ train. Connie who is Paula's helper for the ministry comes into area of the plain/ train area I am in and as I am talking to one of my Russian friends, Connie seemed surprised I was with them on the train/ plane. Connie began to speak to horribly about me to one of the my Russians friends with me standing right there and she would look at me when she said these horrible things then she would look at my friend. I got angry and said, " why do you always speak negatively about people why can't you just speak encouragement, why can't you see peoples destiny's and what they will become in the Lord and speak that into their lives, instead of playing on their weaknesses? Connie just stood there in silence shocked and speechless at what I just said.

I just need confirmation.

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