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Post by cdoyle on Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:06 pm

all i can remember about the dream last nite is,, i was standing outdoors kinda in a woodsy area just outside of a factory or warehouse. i was barefoot. i remember looking up at the sky, it was starting to get dark, but still light out. there was an upside down cresent moon(the points were upward) and the color of it was black. then i saw candy ice cream cones, with real ice cream in them though, overflowing out of a vending machine. then i was outside again in a crowd of people, a shift supervisor and a dept. supervisor that i actually work around was there. the shift supervisor ask me to get him a pepsi and a bunch of the ice cream cones. so i said sure, i then double checked with him, you want a bottle of pepsi with the ice cream cones? he said yea. then he picked up his bag and headed in the building, i then looked down and remembered i was barefoot and i shouted to him that i could not cause i didnt have my steel toed shoes on that i would have to go get them. as i turned to leave to get my shoes, there was a tall obelisk type clock just a few miles or feet (i could not tell) away that was falling over to the right. i woke up before it could hit the ground.

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