Toilette flooded last night!

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Toilette flooded last night!

Post by hind'sfeet on Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:12 pm

So, my son did his business in the toilette last night, flushed the toilet and after a while came and told me there was something weird going on with the toilette. I go in there and water was Gushing out! I panicked and could only think to call 911 because I don't have the apt. maintenance emergency number. I soon remembered I could turn off the valve and hesitated big time to go in there because it had little bits of poopies... it had flooded almost an inch but there is a marble door jamb that kept the water from flowing out. I turned off the valve right before it would have over flowed into the house. Ok, before I was on the verge of calling 911 I looked down and on a table I had place a business card for one of the lawn maintenance contractors that I had spoken to before about my stolen debit card.
God is SO Good!!! That card would not have been there if I had not decided I really needed to clean my couch of All it's paper mess and paper trash (envelopes)!!! What's more interesting is that I had found something else earlier yesterday as I was cleaning that made me go "fwhew..." what a relief that I saw that... So, as the guy was vacuuming my bathroom and fixing my toilette my eyes fell on some Godly wisdom type notes I had written many years ago, what I had immediately seen was "Praise God in all conditions, difficulty, etc. Even if you don't feel like it." Ha, I just read the rest of it (I think this note is a keeper) "It is not how you feel that makes a difference it is what you do. When you feel down, discouraged Praise God and you will find joy and make the devil angry. Get your act together and Praise, this is no time to quit. You are not supposed to feel comfortable where you are at. Maturity, and victory come when we Praise. You have got to get the Spirit of Praise. Feelings don't count." That is SO Correct!!! I DID have Joy through the whole thing, all the nastiness, esp. when I saw God at work!! I had this revelation (for me it was) and clarity, God knows the plans of the enemy, though God uses it to build us and try our faith, He is right there like a game competition buddy, putting real things we need to grab in that emergency, within reach and hones our eyes onto it, directs our thoughts when we are in a panic. Def. a new experience for me as I've Never had an emergency like that in my life!

Though once I had to call 911 on an intruder that was near my vehicles in the middle of the night, few days later found one of my tires slashed. He had been going around the hood slashing tires and doing all sorts of ugliness!! I locked my gate and kept my dog outside at night from then on even when she barked. That was the intent!

You can eat off my floor now it's so clean (I spent whole hour cleaning
the grout with a used tooth brush, cleaned the whole toilette and sides
of the walls, tub, tiles etc. It's been washed and bleached.

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Re: Toilette flooded last night!

Post by Nyagali on Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:31 pm

Just read this wonderful to see how God dealt with this situation! LOL....He has a sense of humor sometimes....using toilet poopies and all! laugh

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