DREAM, JULY 9, 2010

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DREAM, JULY 9, 2010

Post by missimossi@gmail.com on Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:09 pm

Hi all,

I have never done a blog thing before so I am not even sure if I am doing it right. Anyways, I have been remembering my dreams a lot lately. Well... for me a lot is a couple times a month or so. They are so intense sometimes that I wish I knew what God wanted me to do with them. I really would like to know how to pray into them. Some of them are quite long and very detailed. I hope this is okay.

The last dream I had was on July 9th. I was outside with some others and we were looking up to the sky. All of a sudden there were red arms of what seemed to be lightening across the whole sky. Then there was this bright white kind of a triangle shaped object. I thought to myself in the dream that it was a strange object that I couldn't identify. Then a huge red spider landed on the ground. It was almost UFO like the way it came down. Then the spider shot a blue electrical current into a child. All of us then ran inside a house with this child to hide. I was looking for a hiding place and found my own daughter hiding in a closet. Then I saw a man (maybe my husband) holding the child that had been "shot" by the spider. In his other arm was a twin of the same child. The child that had been shot was eroding and its face looked distorted. He was feeding the other child a milk bottle. He said to me that even though the one is going to die we still needed to take care of it until then. And he needed to feed the one that was going to live. That was the end of the dream. What in the world does God want me to do with this!?

This morning (July 16th) I was watching the news and it showed that people in China had thought they saw a UFO last night and when they showed the pictures I almost fell off of the treadmill! It looked exactly like the white object that I saw in the sky in my dream! The Chinese government said that they are not going to reveal what it is but not to worry as it is a military project or something like that. Still don't know what the spider means though and the twins.

Thanks for reading :) Sheri

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