old wooden balcony and singing for peace

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old wooden balcony and singing for peace

Post by Nyagali on Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:28 am

I was on a long balcony with a wooden railing. It was like it was all outside,but there was this balcony. Below were lots of teenagers (I think). I knew there would be a fight or disagreement. A teenage boy came to sing at this railing. I knew he was the one to bring peace in this situation. I sat behind him, with the principal (who never said or did anything). The boy wanted to stop and I told him he had to keep singing.
Then there was sort of a shed on the side and a pile of clothes. It seemed like they were in a pile, not sure if they had to be washed. I threw a shirt or something on top and closed the door.
Then I was cutting the wooden railing and (it was here I) realized it was very old wood. I was sad that it would be replaced by a modern metal railing, but this was unsafe. I cut off a piece with gardening cutters and a piece fell and hit a ladies head but she was fine.
Any ideas? How is it all connected. It was the same setting/dream so I assume it goes together.
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