My cousin and I cleaning my aunt and uncles mess and Rats.

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My cousin and I cleaning my aunt and uncles mess and Rats.

Post by steadygaze on Thu Jul 15, 2010 9:45 pm

Hi and Blessings.

I had this dream yesterday morning found it to be interesting.


My aunt and uncle lived in this huge tent. My cousin who I am close to IRL, we lived in little tests outside the big tent. My aunt and uncle left it was like they disappeared and my cousin who is their son and I had to clean up their big tent. We went into the tent and it had all kinds of clutter and left over food and we were like this is a mess and then we seen all these huge Rats that were drawn to the food. We knew this tent would take more then a day to clean and so we had to sleep inside this tent over night because we no longer had or little tents or something near by. I asked my cousin if he would sleep on the outside of me to protect me from those rats and he was wanting to do that anyway so he did.

gee any insight? This is a close dream and often hard to interpret.

Thanks so much for what ever you may have, flower
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