Heigher level and speaking about Intimacy.

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Heigher level and speaking about Intimacy.

Post by steadygaze on Thu Jul 15, 2010 6:10 pm

Hi and Blessings. I had this dream on April 4, 2009.

Please bear with me as I try and share this dream as I have forgotten some of the first part of it,but the end of the dream was so vivid.


I had these guys come to me and tell me I was invited to go to a higher level of college free as I had already pad the price for it. It was like I was to get my masters degree now. So I agree to go to college in fact I felt so honored. So I go to my new high tech college only my college is in the sky and I have to like float to get there. So I am in college in the sky and my teacher wants to show me something as we look through a hole in a cloud in the sky down to the Earth,there was a little girl sick with cancer, then he shows me so many other things through this hole in the cloud and it was breaking my heart.Then my teacher hands me the keys to something like a new car or something.The next thing I know I am in a different scene. My friend Jackie is going to this church and they asked her to speak and she agreed to speak. Then I get this phone call from my friend Jackie and she tells me she is to speak at this church but she needs to cancel and if I could minister and speak to these people for her.I asked her what was she to teach on and she said End times. I was like oh okay. Then as I am laying before the Lord I ask Him how to teach about the end times,the tells me do not teach on end times but He tells me to teach on intimacy with Him. So I began to study on intimacy and the Lord said share what you shared at the pastors and leaders conference you did several years ago. ( In real life I did a conference for pastor and leaders through an exploit that impacted the leaders lives about intimacy.)Anyway I went to the church and the lady greeted me and seemed excited I was there. As the service went on I felt I needed to ask her to make sure on what I was to speak on.So I go up and ask her again what I was to speak on she tells me, "we have been doing a series on the end times." I looked at her and said oh I am sorry I did not study that. she looked at me puzzled. I stood there hearing the Lord tell me no, I was to teach about intimacy with him. I turn to the lady and told her I was sorry and that I was to teach about intimacy with Him and if she did not want me to I would leave. She looked as if she was angry and was going to throw up. I went back and sat down.

Any insight would be great!

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