Bizzare Dream

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Bizzare Dream

Post by Lisa4 on Tue Jul 13, 2010 6:20 pm

Last night I had this strange dream that I had gone out to California to visit my mothers friend. In my dream my mothers friend owned a jewelry store. I went there with her to look around then we were going out to eat. I was in the car with her, her daughter and her sister. We were driving to the restaurant and her daughter started talking about her starting a new family and picking out baby clothes. I started feeling weird. My mothers friend was being overly friendly to me. We got to the restaurant and were shown our table. We were all sitting at the table and everyone was looking me. I was extremely nervous. Someone said well are you going to do it. My mothers friend laid a ring with a pink stone in front of me. I new it meant she wanted me to marry her. I kept wanting to say but I am not gay. I didn't know how to tell her no without upsetting her. I wanted to run away but didn't know how. It was really weird. I have only gone out with my mother once to visit her friend. She comes to visit her from time to time. A very nice lady but neither one of us are gay. Not really sure what to make of it.
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