Need help on recurring dreams symbolic pregnancy, sharks, deep ocean abyss symbols

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Need help on recurring dreams symbolic pregnancy, sharks, deep ocean abyss symbols

Post by Andy on Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:44 pm

Firstly, thank you for providing Christians with a biblically grounded and responsible resource online to help in our understanding of dreams and interpretation. It is discouraging to encounter so much false information on the web regarding this subject matter.

I have had lucid dreams of prophetic nature throughout my lifetime even as a child, although only a couple occured in my infancy. Since I became a Christian over fifteen years ago, I have come to understand that Jesus on occasion will choose to communicate a message through a dream. Fortunately, your site has helped me sort out some of the dreams that I had nearly missed the meaning of due to my ignorance and misunderstanding. Still, there are some symbols so unique to my experience it is too difficult to look them up and find a meaning that fits, naturally. That is why I decided to write in hope you may have some experience with similar symbols so as better to help me with my more distressing themes.

For instance, I have a recurring dream of pregnancy. This dream is perplexing. In the natural, neither my husband or I desire to be pregnant or are trying to have children. We have been married twelve years. I am thirty-six.

One time, a well respected Christian I once worked with called to tell me he dreamt I was pregnant and that he believed God gave him that dream. Well, I believed he thought it may be literal and he may be imparting good news to us. Ultimately, he said it was for me to understand because he did not and God did not give him the meaning. Yet, I know it is meant to be symbolic.

This pregnancy dream is a theme I have had over decades- even once when I was a very little girl. The context and vantage point sometimes changes. For instance, once I dreamt on a routine vistit for a check-up my physician told me I was pregnant- I was morfified. When I was a child and had this dream it frightened me then as well.

My most recent dream of this nature showed me to be very early on, only a few months or so in and just starting to show a baby bump. In this dream, I met my husband (unpregnant) and said to him we should get married and make a baby together. This was strange. When I met my husband we discussed getting married and decided on it but we never discussed having children, although we talked of building a future.

All this to say, I have had this "pregnancy" theme recur to me spanning decades. In my days at bible college in the late nineties, the Lord referred to me as a "mother" and as a woman in labor experiencing labor pains. This was through my private journals with the Lord at that time. I have experienced my own share of setbacks and dissapointments in life. Ultimately, my own uncertainites led me to leave bible college- but not the Lord or my faith.

Next only to dreams of tornados and the deep ocean abyss, pregnancy is the single most long running recurring dream I have had. Sadly, still after all of this time I am unsure about what the Lord is trying to say to me.

Currently I work retail make-up and free-lance as a make-up artist. My life is not conducive to formal ministry of any sort as I did not complete my credentials. Financially, my husband and myself- of all the people I know are very deeply troubled and have experienced great humiliation and hardship that has been unending. It has been this way for us our entire marriage. We still live in the same rental apartment we moved into as newly weds unable to start our lives. It is not much larger than a bachelor. Most people I know who are younger are on their second homes and starting families. This is not necessarily the path we desire for ourselves, but shows to some measure why this dream is troubling. I makes no sense in the context of my life experiences. I do not know how it is to live apart from surviving and stuggling. Even as a child in the decadent 80s I lived in abject poverty in a trailerpark my situation stood out then as well. I am unsure what God wants me to take away from the dreams? I am unsure what to hope for?

I would like to know if you have encounted other similar dreams of pregnancy spanning such long periods of time. Most christian interpretations involve born babies or are literal baby prophecies. This is not the case for me.

There are other symbols I had encountered but have not yet been listed on your site which I would like to know if you have any perspective on.

For instance "gallows". I dreamt my father hung himself in his home from a rafter, which looked like a narrow church belfry (i could only see his feet when I looked up). It was unsual dream for me since I had never before dreamt that someone committed suicide and no less by hanging. I wondered what your experience is with this sort of symbolism?

Also, "sharks" in a large deep dark abyss. It is a recurring and distressing theme for me almost as much as the tornado dreams which I have been plagued with all my life. Although you had it listed there, the sharks in my dreams are not due to a bloating problem. They are threatening and deadly and in my dreams they are great white sharks which lurk in a bottomless large black abyss of water. They are terrifying. Sometimes I dream of just the large black abyss of water which in itself is very terrifying. Sometimes I see the sharks other times I only have to assume they (or worse) exist in the depths. Sometimes I can see the parameters of the body of water sometimes I know it is the ocean. Either way it is always a very enormous body of water.

Recently, I had a dream that I could see to the bottom of a relatively large body of water for the first time. It was actually crystal clear all the way to the bottom. Although, it was more like a 50ft. reef. There was only a small black reef shark there. Still, I was vary wary and did not dive to investigate even those depths.

Always, I long to dive and to investigate the abyss. Due to extreme fear I stand at the edge stare at the blackness from the banks. I want so much to be free, to dive but the great abyss is too terrifying.

Only one time I dreamt of sharks in a way in which I was not frightened. I was wading knee deep in the shallows of an ocean beach and sharks were nipping at my ankles but they had no teeth so I was not afraid. However, at least since bible college and as of late, it is the abyss dreams that have been the dominant theme. Again, I wonder if you can offer insight based on your experiences as to what the abyss is? What these sharks are? I don't know why but like the pregnancy dream I am unable to see the meaning clearly myself.

"Salamander". I once dreamt I watched my generic husband (I was a teen when I dreamt it) and son (i am childless) playing in a large pool in our backyard. I was remember beign so elated and happy watching them. Then I was alarmed to see a very large black salamander underwater clinging to the sidewall of the pool near to them. I saw it as a threat. I never understood the salamander. It was nearly twenty years ago and the symbol troubles me because I don't understand. It was the only time I dreamt of a salamander.

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