dream of Classees and teaher

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dream of Classees and teaher

Post by diegorrivas on Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:55 pm

Hi all thanks for taking time in reading my I really know god wants to speak to me in my dreams i dream every night more and more now that im in prayer..........i try to sleep all day too lol.....anyways lately i have been praying to god on whats his will in my life but im not sure exactly where he wants me to be or go so I keep praying......

This last dream i had a dream that i was in a class room.....and the teacher was talking about budda.....and stuff like that he drawed a picture on the board too of some type of budist looking people it looked so good and articulate the thing was some 1 from my church came up and tried to erase the chalk board saying theres no point in hearing theses things he seemed more afraiid then trying to really under sttand what the teacher was talking about i really belive the budist picture was about some sort of way of reaching out to them or talking about how they percecute cristians then i woke up............its summer time over here i work a part tiime job i have alot of free time in my hands i am going to start taking a real estatee clss soon just after i save enough money im just trying to figure out what god wants me to do with my time..... any tips on the dream what it meant??? should i go to school or something i am going to go to college after summer just looking for what i should be doing i should i get more involved in chruch also??? any tipsd any one?? let me know god bless

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Re: dream of Classees and teaher

Post by steadygaze on Thu Jul 15, 2010 4:16 pm

Hi and blessings dear one.

Please pray into this as I only see in part and Jesus is the ultimate interpreter.

I sense the Lord is revealing where He will be calling you and I believe you will have great insight in the Buddha community or nation. The teacher is teaching you ways to reach them. The other Christian who was trying to erase the Buddha off the board are the Christians that are in denial and want to ignore what the Lord is trying to show them. The Lord desires these precious ones to know Christ as much as anyone else. He says, " He is no respecter of persons." His heart is to reach the Buddhist people group. The sad thing is allot of Churches get the call but they have fear and are afraid to step out in obedience, or they are just comfortable and do not want to do anything.

Be encouraged this is a good dream and the Lord is showing you where you will be called and are called to.

Please toss what does not fir.

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