A Boutique and an assignment against me.

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A Boutique and an assignment against me. Empty A Boutique and an assignment against me.

Post by steadygaze on Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:58 pm

Hi and greetings once more.

I find this dream interesting and seeking the Lord for revelation and understanding of the interpretation.


I was working for this Boutique, ( which I do not work at all IRL.) In this boutique there were very expensive things only the rich could really afford to buy. I remember seeing glass stuff very fragile but expensive. There was an Iranian man who worked in the bank/money area and I would have to pass by him every day or give him money from the till. This Iranian man was very rude and cold to me and you could see it in his demeanor and his eyes. I was like humm why is he so rude and cold towards me. After work I would go and drive down this long stretch of narrow highway to see this man who lived on this narrow highway, then I would go back to work. When I returned to work the Iranian man was again cold towards me, so I asked him why are you always mean and cold towards me what have I ever done to you to make you mad. The Iranian man got angry and headed towards the bosses office without saying a word and I went out side not understanding why he did not answer me. Well the other workers were outside. I told one of the ladies what had happened and she looked towards the bosses office to see if they would hear what she was going to say to me, then she looked at me and was watching the bosses office at the same time, then she says to me, "They are upset with you." I said, why? She said, " you did not show up after work to do this thing we are doing which was some kind of drama front for the Boutique. I was like what! I was never told about it now they are going to fire me because of it! The lady said as she looked towards the bosses office again, "They are going to kill you you better leave." I was like what this is crazy!" wow it was as if this was a set up and an assignment against me. To me this was strange and all the workers were afraid of their boss. I had never seen the boss before. I left and did not care if I was fired because something was very strange and it seemed as if it was a time of famine and lost jobs kind of like now in the economy. I had a sense it was the Iranian people who were in control of jobs and the people. when I left my job I went down the highway to see the man who lived right off the highway again to see what He was going to say about my situation.
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